Daily Sharing based
Dividends On Staking

SOBITTRADE is based on staking of its token DOT in the form of USD.We've make an pair of USD/DOT to let others trading easily.The minimum staking on SOBITTRADE is $100 to $200 and dividend profit is 0.3% Daily

DOT is a decentralized, low-cost and privacy-protecting binary platform that uses tron blockchain technology .It is basically a staking smart network provides daily dividends.

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Secure and Decentralized
Staking Platform

DOT aims at delivering a decentralized smart network for DAPP and Gaming development. According to C.E.O, the project aims to switch from the current Tron to a native substrate token with decentralised governance.

DOT is also considering to make secure gaming platform which maximises the value of data while ensuring data privacy by separating data ownership from data usage,Where you can use you DOT tokens to play the games and win rewards and withdraw them in TRX.

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Benefits of Using DOT

What makes DOT different from other types of similar platform is, it provides many features, you name it

Diversified Investment

On investment of minimum $100 & maximum $10,000, you are eligible to receive Daily Dividend of 0.3% which can be later redeemed in the form of TRX

Decentralized Based

DOT is purely 100% decentralized project working on Tron Blockchain which prevent any kind of attack make on platform

1:1 Pairing

Being an advanced platform, DOT taking binary instances gravely and use pairing of 1:1 which gives the benfits of 1:1 User

Matching Bonus

DOT provides matching bonus of 8% with a one condition that 1 Left & 1 Right direct should be mandatory.

Blockchain Technology

Being an blockchain technology, DOT make use of secure and stable action which resides on cloud and work on Trx Modal

Variegate Incomes

DOT provides variegate income like Level Income (upto 6 Levels), Daily Income & Direct Income & Retopup Income for those who has a major direct business

Roadmap to Success

Roadmap is the insights of the journey of the SOBITTRADE

December, 2021 Planning
March, 2022 Project Launch
April,2022 Token Sale
July, 2022 Staking Programme launched
Aug, 2022 Deployed on Tron Blockchain
Oct, 2022 Launching on Exchanges
Nov, 2022 Trading Pair of USDT/DOT

DOT Distribution

DOT token will be the digital utilities that power and incentivize the Crypto ecosystem and platform.
The DOT token provide access to the staking

Supply: 200 Million
Blockchain: Tron Blockchain
Staking: 50%
Dispensaries: 5%
Bounties: 10%
Reserve: 10%
Pre-sale: 10%
Token Sale: 10%

Supported Wallet

DOT supports all TRX compatible wallet out of the box in order
to support the tron blockchain